Marco Viti Farmaceutici, since 1933

Marco Viti Farmaceutici: health and wellbeing since 1933 

Massigen was created by Marco Viti Farmaceutici, a historic Italian company now part of the Zeta Farmaceutici Group, one of the first to bring dietary supplements to the local chemist's.
Founded in 1933, over time Marco Viti has built a solid production and research facility, recognised for its quality. It manufactures and markets pharmaceuticals, medical-surgical devices and nutritional supplements. 

Italian production

Marco Viti is part of the great Italian pharmaceutical tradition. Its factory is located in Mozzate, Como. It has two divisions: pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements 
The raw materials are purchased from selected, qualified suppliers, subject to periodic checks. They are kept in "quarantine" until the laboratories have completed the microbiological and chemical-physical analyses. Certified organisational and control systems ensure the highest quality at every stage of production: research and development, innovation, packaging, logistics and distribution.

Visit the departments of the pharmaceutical division  

Visit the departments of the dietary supplements division  

Integral quality

The goal of Marco Viti, and of Zeta Farmaceutici Group, is quality and excellence. A commitment that involves every division of the corporate system, through scrupulous respect of various certified procedures.

EN ISO 9001 - Integrated quality management system.
EN ISO 22716 - International quality standard for the production of cosmetics.
EN ISO 14001 - Environmental certification.
OHSAS 18001 - Certification for the health and safety of workers.
EN ISO 22000 - International standard of food quality and safety for the production of dietary supplements.
EN ISO 13485 - Integrated management system for quality in facilities for the production of medical devices.
cGMP - Good Manufacturing Practices. Authorisation AIFA (Italian Pharmaceutical Association) for the Group's pharmaceutical facilities for the production of medicines.

History of Italian pharmaceutical industry

1954 - The company name was changed and became "Marco Viti Chemical-Pharmaceutical Industry", for the "manufacturing of galenic products".
1933. Marco Viti began as a company producing asphalt and processing fats and oils.
1942. The company changed business sector, starting to produce lanolin and vaseline. 
1960s The product range grew - medicinal specialities were added to the Galenic formulations.
1970s. Marco Viti became a public limited company. Its business scope was further broadened and diversified. It began researching, developing and producing medicinal specialities, hygiene products, sanitary products, cosmetics, OTC medicines and medical-surgical devices.
1980s. Construction of new headquarters in Mozzate (CO) began. In 1990 this factory obtained approval to start production as a pharmaceutical industry.
1990s. Marco Viti was purchased by Carlo Erba OTC. 
2000s. It became part of Zeta Farmaceutici SpA and began producing dietary supplements in the form of granules in sachets.
2010s to present. Production began of softgel dietary supplements. The granules in sachets department was expanded and refurbished, in order to increase production capacity.